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the mars volta


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has anyone heard their new record, or simply the band ... if not, then I strongly recommend it. if you are down for some kids on pcp making somethng unclassifiable, than this is your record.


mix of some: jazz, rock, ethnic, metal, flamenco, tango, punk, funk, ... with poetic lyrics sung in spanish and english



not your typical radio friendly band with pop songs about girls of the summer ... they are loud, complex and give you a feeling of being in an apocalyptic opera

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I saw them live at the Electric Factory in Philly, last month I think. Truly mind-blowing experience. This band is so talented its filthy - its like AJ's stuff but think musically. They really brought down the house, highly recommended :thumbup


Their earlier stuff is great as well, one of the single most original and weird bands out there. Truly unique :o

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I bought their first album "De-Loused In The Comatorium" back when it came out. Very different stuff. Some so-so songs, but some very good. & yes as someone mentioned Flea played a few songs w/ them for the album.


Nope definitely not your average pop band, but that can only be a good thing.

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for those of you interested


the mars volta is coming on tour


8/16 in Orlando at the TD Waterhouse Center


8/17 in Miami at the Office Depot Center




ill be in one of those for sure




if the volta isnt enough, they will be opening up for System of a Down



circus music for a night how hot

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