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Beckett could miss 2 more starts

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Josh Beckett - S - FLA



Josh Beckett is expected to possibly miss two more turns in the rotation as he continues to recover from a strained oblique.

Beckett continues to experience some pain in his left abdomen, although he played catch before Thursday's game. Jason Vargas will take his spot in the rotation, now that Al Leiter has been released.

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You know what, I'm probably asking for a lot of punshiment by saying this, but I'm gonna throw it out there...With all of Beckett's problems staying healthy, why not make him a closer? Vargas, Moehler, Olsen, Willis, Burnett(whatever we get for Burnett). Do you all ever think about it?



Wow, thats actully not a bad idea. or make him a middle relief man. I'm not saying it should happen but it is an interesting point. He throws hard and is aggressive on the mound (good for a closer). But I think Josh has to much pride to go along with that.

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I think this will be josh's last injury of the year. He got it because he was trying to compensate to his blisters I think. Give it time and he will be fine. I think knowing him he will try to be back in next week or right after that start at least. Beckett just needs to not rush it.

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