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somebody help me


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i just downloaded kazaa and everytime i download a song, its downloading but there is no song?????? what the hell is that all about?


and i have dsl, so my connection is fast how do i find somebody else who has a fast connection this s*** is nothing like napster...... this is confusing......


i got like 6 songs i downloaded them just like i tried with the songs that have no song in there file.....


i dont understand this s***..... somebody give me some kazaa tips i know alot you have it

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use limewire.... and here is another tip... when you look at the list of songs or whatever to download, don't download the song file that is like 1,258 KB or whatever, a song is going to be atleast 3,000 something... otherwise its a virus or a nonworking file




Or some douche who recorded the song a a 96 or 68 bit rate.

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