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Are we making a mistake piling up LHP's?


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The last regime undoubtedly loved the big classic hard throwing right handers, and I'd definitely say that worked out well for us. The philosophy produced Beckett, Burnett, Penny, Dempster, C. Vargas, Looper, and probably a few more I have missed at the moment. The formula was pretty simple; acquire young gunslingers and teach them how to pitch.


Now as I write this I will definitely admit that a lot of these guys are not finished products. Penny, Beckett, and Burnett especially all still need to learn to be pitchers instead of throwers. That said, their raw ability alone makes them all frontline starters.


Under our current regime we seem to be headed in a different direction. We started with Willis and since have drafted Olsen, Vargas, and a lot of others(sorry I'm not that much of a minor league guru but we've spent a lot of recent high picks on lefties). On top of that, a lot of the starters we are rumored to be acquiring in a potential Burnett deal are lefties.


Is this a mistake?? It seems to me (I definitely may be wrong about this) that there are more big time righties than lefties even when adjusting for the frequency difference. Lefty starters are usually bottom of the rotation types, and if they fail bullpen options are limited.


Even if they do pan out, It looks like 2-3 years down the road 4/5's of our rotation would be comprised of lefties. That can't be a good thing. The matchups won't be in our favor at all.

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My problem is that lefties seem to have less of a ceiling. There aren't many lefties that you want pitching game 7 of the WS for you, RJ is probably the only one I can think of and there aren't too many like him.



Al Leiter did pretty well in 1997.


I see what you are saying, but as long as they can throw strikes and record outs, I don't care whether they are righty or lefty. Dontrelle, Olsen, and Vargas (although he has only 1 ML inning) have shown they can get major league players out. Ideally, you would like a nice mix, but why not go with the best options available.

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