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Just in case you can't get enough of trade talk...

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Buzzmaster: (12:51 PM ET ) Helloooooooo again! Our baseball block rolls on with Jayson Stark! He's debuting the ''Stark Market'' today! If you haven't seen it, check it out on the baseball front page! He'll be here at 1 ET to break it all down and take your questions!


Jayson Stark: (1:00 PM ET ) Greetings. The Stark Market is open. So that trading deadline must be closing in. Let's get started.






Barclay D. (Dartmouth, MA): Heard AJ Burnett could go to the Red Sox and get the a extention, if so what would the Sox give up and do they take on Mike Lowells contract?


Jayson Stark: (1:02 PM ET ) I'm not sure where all those three-way rumors of Red Sox-Marlins-Padres came from, but there doesn't appear to be anything to that. The Orioles are now the favorites on Burnett because they've shown interest in taking on Mike Lowell and his contract. The Red Sox, White Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays are all still in this. But if Baltimore will take Lowell, this could get done in a hurry.




Phil (Baltimore): Where does Baltimore put Lowell, if traded? Do they out Mora in the outfiled to fill Bigbie's vacant spot (if traded)?


Jayson Stark: (1:03 PM ET ) Exactly. Both teams would have to switch a bunch of pieces around. In Baltimore, Lowell would play third, and Mora would take Bigbie's spot. In Florida, Miguel Cabrera would move to third. And Bigbie and Jeff Conine would split time in left.




Mike: West Chester, PA: Hey Jason, miss you every Sunday morning in the Inquirer. If you were the Phillies wouldn't you trade Wagner since they have Urbina as a closer and still stay in the race. Trade him to Boston for their 3rd base prospect.


Jayson Stark: (1:06 PM ET ) The Phillies are trying to buy and sell at the same time, because they're out of prospects to trade, except for Ryan Howard. And if that's the mode they're in, Wagner could get them by far the most pieces back. But what stops them from trading him is a simple question: Can they really win without him? They're not sure they can. And whatever they do, it's in the name of trying to win. If they don't trade him, though, they need to do whatever it takes to sign him. But they seem to think they'd need to move somebody else's salary to be able to afford him.




Franco (Hoboken): Any chance the Mets can deal Glavine + $$$ to Texas for Adrian Gonzalez?


Jayson Stark: (1:07 PM ET ) No chance. Glavine would never approve a trade to anyplace in the west, and he has a complete no-trade. Nice try, though.




Ken (Ann Arbor): Jayson, Do you see the tigers making any trades to better their team or trade to dump salary i.e D. Young??


Jayson Stark: (1:08 PM ET ) I don't see the Tigers rebuilding. But I could see them retooling. I've heard the names of Jason Johnson, Dmitri Young and Rondell White. But they would only move them for big-league-ready pieces.




bobby (minneapolis): any chance giants will get good deal for schmidt


Jayson Stark: (1:09 PM ET ) I know there have been a thousand Jason Schmidt rumors. I'd be shocked if he gets traded. I keep hearing they want to keep him, not move him.




John (Peoria): What do you see the DBacks doing as the trade deadline approaches? Do they sell or buy because as we know, the NL West his very winnable at this point


Jayson Stark: (1:11 PM ET ) They want to upgrade their bullpen, for this year and beyond. I think Danys Baez has cooled off. But they could get Shingo Takatsu from the White Sox as early as today.




CJ (St. Petersburg, FL): Though the Rays are always sellers at this time of year, is there a way they could end up pulling off a "winning" deal (such as last years Zambrano - Kazmir deal)?


Jayson Stark: (1:14 PM ET ) From what I'm hearing, that's the only deal Chuck LaMar really is interested in making. They ask for everyone's best prospects, no matter who they're discussing - Huff, Baez, whoever. And I don't get the sense that anything is hot with Tampa Bay.




Craig (Downingtown, Pa): Any possibility of the phillies moving Thome and if so where do you think he could go.


Jayson Stark: (1:16 PM ET ) I don't see it. One misconception people in Philadelphia do have is that it wouldn't happen because of the money. I was told by one club that the Phillies said they were willing to pay a significant hunk of his salary (about $50 million left). The problem is: Too many doubts about his back and elbow, and a total no-trade. He'd waive that to go to Cleveland or Chicago, but no need for a first baseman in any of those places. And I can't find a match anywhere else that he'd agree to go. This is just a sign that the Phillies will talk about anybody except Bobby Abreu and Chase Utley, if they get the right pieces back that position them to win now and down the road.




Zach (Montezuma, IA): Will Roger Clemens be a Yankee- is that rumor still lurking?


Jayson Stark: (1:18 PM ET ) The chances of the Yankees bringing back Clemens are about the same as the chances that they'll bring back Whitey Ford: Zilch. The Astros are back in the race, in case you hadn't noticed. And they're trying to add, not sell. But even if they were, they have zero interest in trading Roger. So can we please stop talking about this? It ain't happening.




Joe (Los Angeles): Can the Yankees solve their problem in Center Field?


Jayson Stark: (1:20 PM ET ) They've now decided that's their No. 1 priority again. Of course, that could change if Kevin Brown gets lit up tonight. But they think they'll have their rotation healthy again within the next few weeks. So they're back on the centerfielder hunt. I've heard them on Eric Byrnes, Endy Chavez and Randy Winn. But they don't want to give up a whole lot, so this won't be a huge move, whatever it is.




John (Houston): Do you see the Astros making any moves for a quality bat i.e. Adam Dunn or any pitching to help out the bullpen to make another late season push?


Jayson Stark: (1:22 PM ET ) The Astros could be an interesting team in the next two weeks. They still have some of the money Carlos Beltran wouldn't take, so they can add salary. And they're in the market for outfield and bullpen help. Adam Dunn is their No. 1 target, but the Reds are moving really slowly on this.




Charlie (Chicago): Which relievers do you think are heading out, and where?


Jayson Stark: (1:25 PM ET ) The bullpen market isn't very exciting. If Wagner stays put and Jorge Julio moves in the Burnett deal, that leaves Baez, Jose Mesa and possibly Ugueth Urbina as closer options, since I don't see Eddie Guardado or Brian Fuentes getting dealt. And Jeremy Affeldt might be the best of the set-up options. But the Royals will want a big-time prospect back for him.




Toby (Trenton, NJ): Are the blue juys active sellers because are out 6-1/2 games now?? Would they trade vernon wells?


Jayson Stark: (1:27 PM ET ) The Blue Jays want to do some selling, but nothing major. Vernon Wells isn't going anywhere. Miguel Batista is a guy they want to keep. And they're more inclined to keep Ted Lilly than trade him. They're trying to move Orlando Hudson and some guys from the bullpen supporting cast (particularly Justin Speier). But they get $20 million added to the payroll next year. So they're trying to position themselves for a run - not rebuild.




J.R. -- Grand Rapids MI: any chance Griffey ends up wearing pinstripes this summer?


Jayson Stark: (1:28 PM ET ) There's another rumor we can send off into the sunset. I've been told the Yankees are telling everyone they're not interested in taking on salary-dump players with uncertain health histories (i.e. Junior).




Chad (Nicollet, MN): Can the Twins find a hitter?


Jayson Stark: (1:30 PM ET ) They're definitely shopping, especially at third base. But the two names out there don't fit real well. Looks as if Mike Lowell will be attached to the Burnett deal, which leaves the Twins out of that one. And I heard they weren't overly excited by Joe Randa, although they still might go in that direction if the price is right. But the Reds are pricing Randa as if he's Scott Rolen, so if that doesn't change, he'll stay right where he is.


Jayson Stark: (1:31 PM ET ) Sorry. I only have time for one more.




matt (LA): what's going on with the Padres? Think they'll make any trades? What's up with Burroughs?


Jayson Stark: (1:33 PM ET ) The Padres are doing their best to move Burroughs and Phil Nevin for next to nothing, but so far, they're getting nowhere. They've kicked the tires on a lot of these big names, starting with A.J. Burnett, but they've had trouble matching up. Kevin Towers always does something intelligent before the deadline, without messing with the fabric of his team. I don't see the Padres doing anything big, but they won't sit this out, either.


Jayson Stark: (1:33 PM ET ) Thanks, everybody. We got nearly 3,000 questions in a half-hour. So sorry if I missed yours. They were coming too fast to keep up! We'll do it again soon.



Nothing really intresting...stuff we already knew but just in case anyone wanted to know what was said

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Guest Moneyball

Marlins want to do something now before it's to late.


Jack McKeon was told to shut up a month ago by the FO.



Shut up how so?



Some of the stuff he was saying to the players and media. Apparently FO thought lack of chemistry was becoming an issue.

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