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I am also a supporter in keeping Mike Lowell, but I think the principle of this trade in which we receive Admin Bigbie is to let Mike Lowell go and move a younger MIguel Cabrera to third base, opening a spot for Bigbie, and allowing us free room to re-sign Juan Encarnacion. I love Mike Lowell, Obviously take a look at my icon, and I would want the Marlins to keep him, although I think as a fan fav he was resigned, but FO didn't see it as a need, and believe now is a perfect time to let him go. BUt if we do deal him cause it's a must go, do we go ahead and take Sidney Ponson from the O's or keep the trade as is, and pay most of the deal left in lowell's 21 million dollar contract? I say we take Ponson, he is a promising starter, which I think would do ok in the NL, any thoughts on this?

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neither, go find a better team to trade with. Teams are desperate and we have the "big fish" of the pond to dangle right now :)



Exactly what I said. AJ is the guy that all these teams are after. Why settle for a lowball offer?


Of course....when you have THE GUY that every team wants, you should be able to demand high for him! We will not get fleeced here.

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