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iPod Phone Coming Soon?


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Rumours on the internet are suggesting that Apple will finally announce its iTunes Music phone with Motorola on the 7 September along with a host of other new products.


Pocket-lint has been invited to an event, however Apple or Motorola will not confirm what products will be announced.


The rumours of a phone have increased over the last couple of days with announcements and comments from a number of different sources that the product is ready for launch.


Ovum analyst Roger Entner gave the details of the forthcoming phone to newswires and papers yesterday saying that the device will give a phone music playing abilities roughly equivalent to Apple's iPod shuffle.


Adding to the speculation further was the admission by Motorola that the iTunes phone it was preparing with Apple would be ready for release by the end of September.


The handset due to be unveiled will reportedly be the first in a series of iTunes equipped phones made by Motorola that will be given the name "Rokr".


What is unclear as yet however is whether the phone will allow for music to be downloaded via wireless services such as 3G or only when the gadget is connected to a computer.


Rumours first surfaced that the phone would be launched at the consumer technology show, CeBit in Germany back in March.


Aside from the iTunes phone, other commentators believe the iPod Shuffle will get bigger capacity drives (up to 4Gb) and that the Apple?s iPod mini will move over to flash based memory rather than the current hard drive based solution it offers.


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