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MarlinsAddict Looks Ahead: Astros Series


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Our upcoming series against Houston could determine whether the Marlins or the Astros will be in the post-season. With the Astros currently scheduling Clemens, Pettitte and Oswalt for the weekend series against the Brewers, it looks like we may face some combination of Astacio, Backe, or Rodriguez in the first two games, and then Clemens and Pettitte on Wednesday and Thursday. However, I would not be surprised to see Garner juggle the rotation, give Oswalt an extra day of rest, and start him against the more potent Marlins lineup on Monday.


Whether we face two or three of the Astro's big three pitchers, any of which would be the staff ace on most other teams, we should have a different one approach to the game when facing Clemens, Pettitte and potentially Oswalt, and another approach when facing Astacio, Backe, and Rodriguez...


read the rest at your home for in depth Marlins analysis:



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we need to at least split it, and since we will face Clemens and Pettite I think we should be happy to win on of those, maybe take the other 2 and take 3 out of 4

if they also let Oswalt pitch we have our big 3 going against theirs (not in the same games though) we should IMO be very happy to split the series, but as I said in the other thread, you never know, their offense is probably worse then ours

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We need 2 of 3 at least in Philly or the Stro's series may not mean as much.


that about sums it up


luckily for us, houston lost tonight and we kept pace, if we win the next two, regardless of what houston does, we at least separate ourselves by 3 games against the phils... then it leaves us to do business against houston

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sorry didn't know you had such rules. I am relatively new to this board but it seems very active with smart posters. My buddies and I are trying to broaden the Marlins fandom on the blogosphere (which is unfortunately pretty small for a team as successful as the fish). So again sorry if I broke any rules. Is my signature OK?

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