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Who Are Your 2005 Football Award Winners?


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Ive got Vince Young in the Heisman. I think Reggie Bush will ultimately win it, but NOBODY means more to his team than Vince Young. Without Reggie, Lendale steps in and USC doesn't miss a beat. I think Reggie is the best RB talent I have seen since Barry Sanders, but I just think in college football today, Vince is the most important man to his team and is most worthy of this trophy.


For coach of the year, I got Weiss. What he has done with an "inept" offense is unreal. He has overacheived at ND and in one year has made Brady Quinn into the next big thing and going from an underacheiver under Willingham into a beast who will be a top 5 NFL Draft pick when he declares. Weiss showed how great a coach he is by pushing USC to the brink and nearly ending their winning streak, only to lose on a controvesial ending. The future looks bright in ND and the sky is the limit under Charlie.


As for defense, Elvis Dumervil hands down and it's not even close. I'll let the 20 sacks and INT speak for itself.

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Reggie Bush, because he's the best player in college football, no matter how much Vince Young means to his team.


Mack Brown, because his team keeps kicking the crap out of everyone. Penn State's been good, but seriously, the only reason Joe Pa is a front runner in that thing is because he's older than Adam, and because his team sucked the last few years. How is Pete Carroll not an option in this poll? He's undefeated, and he hasn't lost since Paterno was in diapers. Oh, wait, Paterno probably is in diapers. Well, you get my point.


I don't even remember who I voted for on defense, even though I just voted a minute ago. I've never heard of any of those guys, but it wouldn't let me abstain.

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