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Boog Sciambi

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AJ isn't worth the risk for 3 yrs/$30M.....


or 2 yrs/$20M.


In fact, he isn't even worth the $10M per.....even if he stays healthy.



Who's going to pay that for a less than .500 flamethrower with lack of control? :thumbdown





I know, I know...there are likely more than one GM out there with enough cash to throw around to take the chance. :banghead

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Yeah, players never have a chance to improve when they go to a new league or team...


You gotta admit though going with a 5 year 65 million contract to a pitcher is a huge risk/reward situation especially for a guy who has had his share of injuries. Pitchers rarely get 5 year contracts and theres a good a reason why.


AJ is one hell of a pitcher and I'm sure will have an amazing few year, but when dealing with that kind of money, I'm not really sure it's worth it for an unproven pitcher that could just as easily be the same AJ we have seen his whole career rather than the 20 game winner he should be.

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