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Proposed Stadiums


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Does anyone here have any pics of any proposed Marlins stadium? If so post 'em here.


I have a few of a stadium that Loria promised to in Montreal. We all know how that turned out.


They claimed that they would be the ones to make baseball have a comeback in Montreal:



Proposed Stadium, was supposed to be named Labatt Park, and open in 2002, and only cost $100 Million, Loria sold bricks of the stadium to Expos fans, but then sold the land, returned the money and high-tailed it out of Montreal, he reminds me of that crooked Monorail guy in the Simpsons...

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Guest Moneyball

Nice, it looks like Dodger Stadium.


But in these last ten years 3 ballaprks have been proposed down here.


The Orange Bowl Conjoined Stadium proposed by the city or county.





The Orange Bowl Stadium proposed by the Marlins.








When I find the pics of the stadium downtown I'll post them.

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