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Pierre trade recipients


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Ricky Nolasco, 23, Chicago Cubs is the best piece of this deal.


Background: For years, Nolasco had been overshadowed by fellow 2001 Cubs draftees Mark Prior, Andy Sisco and Sergio Mitre, as well as several other young pitchers in the system. Nolasco previously was most notable for being included in a 2003 trade with the Rangers that Rafael Palmeiro vetoed. That all changed in 2005, when he was named Southern League pitcher of the year after leading the league in wins and strikeouts.






Nolasco has above-average pitches with his low-90s fastball and his curveball, and he throws his changeup for strikes. Managers rated his command the best in the Southern League. He has a tremendous feel for pitching.


When Nolasco was sent to Triple-A before he was ready in 2004, he didn?t handle it well. He dropped down with his breaking ball, trying to aim it for strikes, and didn?t have the confidence to use his changeup.

The Future:

After spending most of the last two seasons in Double-A, Nolasco will get another shot at Triple-A in 2006. If he passes that test, he?ll get called up later in the year. The Cubs have a number of starting candidates, so he could wind up in the bullpen.


He was 14-3, with a 2.89 ERA and 173 K's in 160 innings in AA





Sergio Mitre, 24, is the only ML-ready out of them all.


Last year for the Cubs he was 2-5 with a 5.37 ERA in 21 games. He had 37 K's in 60 innings.



Pinto was #6 on the Cubs prospect list last year, but he's been moved off.


He was 11-8 with a 2.92 ERA in 141 innings (25 games) in AA




Maybe someone can get a scouting report on the other two. I'm exhausted right now.

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Q: Doug from Woodbury, NY asks:

What happenned to Renyel Pinto?


A: Jim Callis: Even when he was tearing up Double-A in 2004, Pinto's command was shaky. He wasn't able to handle Triple-A this year and went back to Double-A, where he was slightly less impressive. He's No. 11 on my list right now, and could move up based on trades. But if he can't learn to locate his pitches significantly better, he's going to be a disappointment.



*panic ensues*

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I can handle Willis/Vargas/Olsen/Mitre/Johnson for the better part of this year....


And we can call up a bunch of guys after the trade deadline. Sanchez should be ready next year, and maybe Nolasco...plus like....jeez, there are so many god damn pitchers!



I guess the question is why do you have all three signed and how did you post the pics so quickly?


1. I collect signed cards of players through the mail

2. I already have all pictures of them posted on my website, I just had to enter the URLs

What's your website, b?

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