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Red Sox Name Their GMs: Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington


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The Boston Red Sox, who have been without a general manager since Theo Epstein walked away on Halloween, will announce Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington as co-GMs, ESPN's Peter Gammons reported.


The announcement will be made at a 3:30 p.m. ET news conference.


There will be no announcement concerning Epstein's possible return as a consultant. That will be worked out in time, Gammons reports.


Red Sox president Admin Lucchino declined to comment last week but said that a restructuring "will be one result, to be sure."


"After interviewing external candidates, we have been examining internal possibilities and restructuring," he said in an e-mail to The Associated Press on Saturday. "We are not commenting on specific individuals, however, and are not prepared to make any announcements."


Once the youngest GM in baseball history and still the only one to build a World Series champion in Boston, Epstein decided not to renew his contract after three years and a franchise-record three consecutive playoff appearances. Although he did not state his reason, reports focused on a falling out with Lucchino, his longtime mentor.


Among those who interviewed to replace Epstein were Jim Beattie, former Orioles executive vice president; Washington Nationals' general manager Jim Bowden; David Wilder, the White Sox director of player development and former Dodgers GM Dan Evans.


Jeremy Kapstein, a Lucchino confident, and Bill Lajoie, the former Tigers GM who has been a special adviser to Epstein, were also floated for the position. Lajoie, 71, said at the recent winter meetings that he was not interested in the job, and special assistant to the GM Craig Shipley has reportedly also said he doesn't want the promotion.


The Red Sox sent a four-person crew to the general managers' meetings in November, and had a similar four-man group at the winter meetings this month in Dallas. Lajoie worked as the point man for the group, and various deals were assigned to individual members of the "Four Horsemen" to pursue.


The four -- Lajoie, Shipley, the 32-year-old Hoyer and the 31-year-old Cherington -- said the arrangement worked well.


After trading shortstop Edgar Renteria to Atlanta, Lajoie said he made sure to get some of the youngsters into the room with John Schuerholz so they would get the experience of dealing with the longtime Braves GM.


"That was the point of it," Lajoie said. "Let's learn how to make a trade here."



Glad to see it coming from in house, the NY Times is reporting what alot of people have thought for a long time that Theo is coming back into a front office positions sometime soon as well. If/when he does then I expect Theo to be back as the full time GM in 2007.

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I don't like the dual GM thing.....that didn't exactly work wonders for Baltimore. If it's just a stop gap though for Theo or any other singular entity as GM, then that's cool. But like a closer by committee two heads (or arms) are not better than one in baseball.

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Bad move by BoSox if you ask me. Look at the debacle that is the Baltimore Orioles and they've got a co-GM system.


Yes, a collective group of GMs has worked so poorly so far this off-season. They are just names next to the position, they are just who is being put out there...its still a collective group imo.

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