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Favre in a different shade of Green?


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After listening to his interview with Marino on Inside the NFL, I would say there's about a 0% chance he'll play for anyone else. He'll either be a Packer or retire.


Then he's going to retire. He won't be back next year because Sherman is gonzo.


And I meant this more as a question of opinion than anything. This is highly unlikely, but I wanted to know how people felt about the possibility.

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If he comes back and plays 2 years he will most likely break the TD record. I rather him do it in Aqua and Orange then any other color. That said, I have alot of respect for guys that play with one team and retire there.


Even if he did come here and break it here, he never would be remembered as a dolphin, he is a packer as much as Starr. Does anyone really remember Montana with the chiefs? lol.



Let him go peacefully to rest from the NFL. Become a TV personality with Danny Boy.

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