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Tim Couch works out for fins


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I have nothing against either. Couch is a good #2 that given a shot could possibly be a #1. He wasn't drafted #1 overalll for no reason and the #2 is just too sweet to be held down for too long.

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Looks like Steve McNair could be out of the picture for the fins. From insider:



In the feeding frenzy created by this week's start of the NFL playoffs and the end of so many head coaching tenures, the strong intimations from Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair that he wants to return for 2006 and beyond got lost in the din.


Too bad, because it's a fairly significant occurrence, both for the Titans and for the NFL as well.


In an offseason that could include the departure of Brett Favre from the league landscape, losing a second warrior like McNair to retirement, or having him perhaps relocate, would be a real downer. However, it appears Titans and NFL fans won't have to concern themselves with McNair's departure.



Despite the Titans' 4-12 record, McNair seems legitimately convinced they are not that far away from getting things turned around. He likes the offense installed by first-year coordinator Norm Chow, sees the potential of a young corps of wide receivers and a very productive contingent of tight ends, and doesn't share the opinion of those who feel Tennessee requires a dramatic makeover. While the season included the kinds of aches and nagging injuries that have marked McNair's career the last three years, he did not miss significant playing time.


McNair will be 33 in February, hardly AARP age for quarterbacks, and he feels he can play about three more seasons. The sticking point, of course, is the monster $50 million roster bonus he is due in March, a mechanism included in his contract to force both sides back to the bargaining table. The good news: General manager Floyd Reese and agent James "Bus" Cook, who also represents Favre, have already started in on the contract negotiations.


Under his current contract, McNair is due base salaries of $9 million (2006), $11 million (2007), $13 million (2008) and $15 million (2009). Toss in the $50 million roster bonus and the total comes to a prohibitive $73 million for the next four years. But McNair isn't looking to be prohibitive. If anything, he has adopted a proactive stance, in announcing he wants to return and be a major component in reversing the Titans' fortunes.


There has been considerable speculation McNair and the Titans might be prepared to part ways after 11 seasons. Tlhe rumor mill keeps grinding grist about McNair's possibly going to the Miami Dolphins to finish his career. Don't bet on it. The groundwork has been laid for McNair to stay with the Titans. It will take some time and effort and some hagging as well, and a reworked contract might not be struck until just before the $50 million roster bonus comes due, but all signs point to an accord that will allow McNair to finish his career with the Titans.

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I don't see the point in bringing in another stopgap QB that won't know the offensive system. If we're going with a stopgap for another year or two, we're probably better off with Frerotte.

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