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philles future pitchers?


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Hamels has absolutely exploded at Triple A, Scranton.


The dude is absolutely destroying hitters. He's only given up one run in the 20+ innings he's been there, and has struck out 30+batters(sorry, I don't have the exact numbers).


Hamels should get the call very soon, and I expect him to be an absolute force at the major league level.


One of my pipe dreams, is that he pulls a Willis, and just puts it all together for an already strong team.

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Hamels' AAA Stats



0.39 ERA

3 G/GS

23 IP

36 SO

1 ER

0 HR

1 BB


and a WHIP under 0.50 I believe, if I'm doing the math correctly



Another nice arm they've got in their system is Zach Segovia, he's in Clearwater right now so I doubt we'll be seeing him for another season or two.

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I cant wait to see him


can you add "routinely have off days against the Marlins" to the end of your statement? Kid is going to be awesome.

5ip 1er 1bb 9k, but their bullpen blows it everytime vs us


how about that?

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Peter Gammons said on the radio the other day that the Phillies are now forced to push one of their best prospects into the majors before he is ready.


He is ready


and why are they forced?... Ryan Madson earned his spot in the rotation... I dont think Hamels should get the nod over him though


oh well

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