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  1. John Danks is getting shelled every time he goes out there.hes obliviously not ready for the big leagues. with a red hot Gio Gonzalez down in double A Birmingham and other quality starters in triple A Charlotte like Gavin Floyd and lance Broadway, do you think its time for the white sox to give Gio or Broadway a shot? i know Gio personally and let me tell you he will be ready when he gets the call and he will stay in the big leagues for a long time. Does anyone agree that its time for the white sox to give someone else a chance?
  2. i like winston salem and kanapolis but my favorite is the reading phillies!
  3. my picks are dan uggla and justin verlander..
  4. seriously i do not see jon lieber coming back next year in a phils uniform.so my question is which one of there young talented minor league arms will be thrown into the fire next is it gio gonzalez, zack segovia, j.a happ. i do think mathieson will rebound next year nd have a great year and so will hamels but two ok starters arent going to get you to the postseason.so if anyone can answer this i'd really appreiciate it! thanks.
  5. whats the status on james shanks and when do you think he will be added on to the 40-man roster or at least get a shot in the spring??
  6. name your top 5 prospects that should have gotten at least a september call up this season? i simply cant name alot but to me the most obivious are 1.gio gonzalez, phillies 2.homer bailey, reds 3.j.a happ, phillies
  7. i wanted to get you peoples outlook on whether or not reggie abercrombie will beat eric reed for the center field job and how is the outfield going to be come opening day.
  8. jeff clement and gio gonzalez need to be moved up on that list!
  9. what the status on gio gonzalez, scoot mathieson, cole hamels and daniel haigwood? which one of them is still in camp and which one of them has a legit chance of making the ball club or at least be an early call-up ?
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