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Coolest Minor League Team


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I remember seeing an independent Frontier League team awhile back in Johnstown Pennsylvania called the "Johnstown Johnnies". Worst group of ballplayers I've ever seen in my life, albeit it was an independent league team.


They got crushed by some other team in the league, the headline the next morning in the local paper was "Roosters Flush Johnnies" Very creative.


Cool experience though

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Myself, I am kinda partial to the Durham Bulls for obvious reasons.


I wanna see someone hit that damn bull one of these days.

has it not ever been hit? do you actually get a free steak if you hit it? (it said that in bull durham)



It gets hit all the time.


In fact i have some home video of BJ Upton blasting it 7-8 times during batting practice.


It's almost like he was hunting, rather than taking BP.

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