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Our Attendance Sucks.

Das Texan

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Hey Das, you never have anything positive to say. Stop crying and go find a new team to follow. You dont have any right to call yourself a fan.


Instead of just pouring it on the fans in S Florida, why not consider why our attendance is low? There is a lot more than just the fans being lazy. But I will let you try and form a critical thought rather than a blanketing generalization to appease your own frustration. Attendance is fine tonight and will get better over the weekend. It seems you cant be happy with anything. Besides, average attendance has increased by 4,000+ per game since last year. Tell me, what other team in MLB has had that drastic a rise? (hint: KC has seen a raise of about 5K while Milwaukee has seen a decrease of about 4K - and almost 10K in the last 2 years; and they have a new park!)


You cant base attendance on winning percentage. That isnt even the case right now throughout MLB.

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