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These last 13

Guest Juanky

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I just wanted to add a new spin to our last stretch. I'm going to go out and say these last thirteen games are the most important regular season games in franchise history. That's right, most important games this side of October ever. Why you say? Well, before you call me insane, consider this. In 9 previous seasons, none of this mattered. In the only other season it semi-mattered, the Marlins had yet to clinch but had things pretty well in hand going into the series against New York (the team we ended up sweeping to clinch the Wild Card for those with a short memory). We pull 10 wins here, and you can crown us champs. Momentum will be ours, we'll have beaten the Braves 2 out of 3 at home and at least 2 in Turner, and we'll be walking into the postseason with a great chance to take at least 1 in San Fran and come to Miami with a chance to win the series at home.


And we are playing for so much more than the playoffs here. For a tradition to become long lasting, it has to start somewhere. This is where it will start. We are fighting for fans support from the not so diehards. We are fighting for a new stadium. We are fighting for people to stop paying so much attention to a team that plays 16 games a year and more attention to the team that plays 162 and has more success doing so.


We are fighting for our lives.


Its funny how much can be settled by just a bat, a ball, and 4 bases.


Thoughts? (criticism welcome)

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Of course they're the most important. Just like this last month was the most important month, and next week might be the most important week, and the last series against the Phils might be the most important series, and the last game against the Mets could be the most important, etc, etc, etc... When it matters like this, every game suddenly is the most important game ever. As it should be. We noticed this on the schedule months ago & you could almost see this showdown coming.

Good post Juanky.

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