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BBTN snub


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I was waiting for the highlight so i could see the BBTN crew contradict themselves by saying positive word on the Fish, well to my surprise they showed ZERO Marlins batting highlights. they showed Thomes HR they showed Bowa getting tossed they showed De Los Santos hitting Juan E. but then they show the score 11-4! and still talk up the Phillies WTF!?!?!

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For the Marlins, respect won't even come if they win it all. Thats happened before. For the Fish to truly get some spect, they have to come out next year and play like a legit contender. Then the media and fairweather fans will (should) be won over for good. It will prove to everybody that the Fish are here to stay, in the same town, with the same nucleus of people, under the same ownership and management. Thats what people in Miami are looking for IMO, some kind of stability and commitment from the franchise.


IF the FISH go on and take the trophy this year, every fairweather and their mom is going to be waiting (better yet - expecting) for the team to be dismantled once again. Yeah we'll lose a few people in the offseason, who won't?


Make the Playoffs NOW, WIN the SERIES SOON (i mean in a few weeks soon :D ), and show up in April with the core team ready to do it again. Then, without question, will the Fish have EARNED the respect they deserve.

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