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The Mosquito


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ALBUQUERQUE -- A British inventor has created a device called the Mosquito to discourage loitering by teens.

The audio device is built around a medical phenomenon where most people lose the ability to hear frequencies above 18 or 20 kilo-hertz by age 30. In other words, only young people can hear the little pest.


To see if it really worked, KRQE News 13 took the Mosquito to the Frontier restaurant across the street from the UNM campus. Immediately when the Mosquito was plugged in one teen searched for the source. Ten seconds later another teen jerked his head. And less than 30 seconds after the Mosquito started buzzing several teens got up to leave.


?I started to get a headache from it,? said one teen, ?It was very loud and obnoxious," said another.


It appears the conditions have to be just right for the mosquito to bite. At the Los Altos skate park the teens reactions were quite different. When the Mosquito was plugged, the teens did not appear to notice.


That may be one of the limitations of the Mosquito. The inventor admits the device does have a confined area of effectiveness of about 15 to 20 meters, or four car-lengths.

There are supposed to be no long-lasting effects.


The Mosquito costs about $800. But the manufacturer in England already has a long list of backorders so there may be a long wait.




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