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Miguel Cabrera hit a solo homer in the 11th inning tonight to push the Marlins over the Braves.

It the Marlins make it to the playoffs and Mike Lowell returns, the team will have a tough decision to make in left field. Cabrera is batting .343 this month, so it looks like he might be the choice over the struggling Jeff Conine.


c/o rotoworld.com


Looks like 9ner wont be much of a factor... :plain


Braden Looper blew a save for the second consecutive appearance tonight, giving up two runs in the ninth inning against the Braves.

Ugueth Urbina also gave up two runs in his inning, so manager Jack McKeon still has no reason to entertain thoughts of a closer switch. Looper has struggled in back-to-back appearances, but he pitched scoreless innings in seven straight outings prior to the rough spell. There's no reason to be down on him.


c/o rotoworld.com

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Come on. We have to leave the guys like Enc and Cabs that have been with us the whole year in the playoff games. They deserve it more than Conine. The guys who brought us where we are deserve more respect than you give them.


It wasn't just the guys with the high BAs such as Castillo, JP, Pudgey, and Lowell. Baseball is a team sport.


Jack knows this, I believe Cabrera will be making the starts, and hes not switching Enc, who hasn't made an error the entire year.


BTW, Enc is almost at the 20 HR mark, he does have POWER.

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