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Does Kiner still do the games? Does he still do Kiner's Korner after the games?

He's the 3rd man in the booth occasionally and he does do Kiner's Korner still sometimes after the games. Coincidentally, he did Kiner's Korner when the Marlins were in town after the final game of the series and sat down with Jack McKeon. Was interesting.


I use to love Kiner's Korner when it was a regular thing.

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I would love to see the ESPN national baseball broadcast when the fish play. I really enjoy the local team (Hutton, etc), however would like to hear what Joe Morgan and company say about the fish during the game.


I can imagine Joe Morgan saying "Juan Pierre is the most underrated player in Center field . . . .he does it all, combination of top defense and speed", "This team is an exciting ballclub to watch, it reminds me of the 197X Reds when we won the World series . . . ." :D


Can those watching the National TV broadcast comment on the most interesting commentary on the fish?

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Basically this is how it will go...


Marlins announcers will not likely by in playoff telecasts. You could see them join Boog and DVH for a 4 man radio team.


Kasper could be selected to do a Marlins NLCS game if the game conflicts with an ALCS (unlikely)


It will be Buck/McCarver and, likely, Berman or O'Brien/Gwinn.

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