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Bleacher Creatures Section 39


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So last night I attended the Mets-Yankees game in the Bronx and I sat in Section 39, rightfield. For those of you not familiar with this section, this is the group of fans that start chanting Yankees players names in the 1st inning, to which each Yankee tips there cap or points to them(ala Johnny Damon).


To say these are the most passionate fans I have ever been around would be the understatement of the century. First of all, they hate Mets fans. If you happen to be wearing any Mets gear within 20 feet, you were going to be yelled at in someway. Being called a homo, fatass, loser, etc is well within their means. Next, they hate everyone else in the stadium. According to them, no one else in the stadium deserves to be fans of the team. A frequent "box seats suck" chant was heard every other inning. They also all hate ARod. I wonder what would happen if Alex won a MVP or something. He will never ever be a Yankee fan in their eyes.


They have lyrics to go with songs played on the loudspeaker. David Wright Like Penis, sung to the tune of the something that escapes me right now. This is a group of people(50 or so) that know and treat each other like family.


Clearly one of the oddest/weirdest/most enjoyable experiences of my life, that I will NEVER EVER do again


lol.... anyone else ever experienced the Bleacher Creatures in 39?

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i sat out in right field (jeffrey maier area) a while ago ...don't remember the bleacher creatures though..i'm going to yankee stadium this summer so i might see them then..


probably not a good idea for me to wear my Marlins 2003 World Series Champs gear out in RF then?

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They have that "horses ass" song interchange with whatever team is visiting.


It's Trot Nixon's Yankee Stadium serenade though, really, David Wright just borrows it.


And, honestly, the right field bleachers are probably the second most fun area in the stadium behind the field champion seats. I've been both places for Red Sox/Yankees and it's just a ton of fun.

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Here are some videos for those of you who don't know what the hell he's talking about:






Theres many more on Youtube if you care to look them up.


Unfortunately these videos don't do it justice. You can hear them every game during the first inning doing the role call and yelling "BOX SEATS SUCK"...They are LOUD even on TV.

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