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Look at what I Ponderd when I was DRUNK


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now the ? has been threw my mind font to back side to the other side..... and Finally came up with something... its so f***ing Brillant i deserve an Award... "well not really."


anywayz, check this out...


what do we do when Lowell comes back 4 da playoffs, do we Bench the Brave slash Giant Killer???? aka Miggy?????


or do we bench the Vetren Niner, who has come on strong the past week, not to mention has amazing Defensive skillz......


see this is what i came up with..... well i was messed up of 72 oz of Ice House....


C. Pudge

1b. D.Lee

2b. Louie

SS. "we Bench A,Gon move Miggy from 3rd back to SS the postion he use to play"

3b. HULK

LF. Niner


RF. Juan E

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We're a team built around pitching, i.e. not giving up many runs. We need Gonzalez's defense. Our pitchers still walk a fair number of guys and we need Gonzalez to turn those Double Plays. Even if Cabrera could still play SS, you don't break up the best DP combination in the game at the start of the playoffs.


Besides, there's absolutely no guarantee that Cabrera can still play SS. SS was Chipper Jones and Gary Sheffield's "natural" position and they couldn't play it at the major league level (at least not for very long).

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who says miggy cant even play SS..... he has been doing most of his whole life...


im just looking at it with a hitting perspective...... come we have all seen how A.Gon has been with the bat the past 3 months..... allways slamming his bat to the ground cuz he failed to get an RBI with runners on....


im just tired of seein it all da time......


as 4 da ICE HOuse man... im 18, the beer was stolen and was drank in less than an hour... now maybe if you drink that much in a time of 3-4 hours you wont be messed up... but when you chug 1 after another its gonna hit ya.....


its not like putting CABZ aka Giant Killer... at SS is gonna be that much of downgrade at Defense.....


we have the pitching, no doubt! but im taking the weakest hitter out of our line up which is A>gon... and keeping most the guys we have now in the Edition of da HULK..


now when i posted names and postions i wasnt making a Line-up!!!!!! i was going by postions common sense damn it!!!!!


This is the Playoffs damn it, i wanna be the BEST in every postion hitting and Defensive wise, so sropping A.Gon wont be as bad as most you think......

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