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Can't catch a break...

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Alright, so here is the deal. About 16 months ago I had surgery on my leg to remove a tumor that was growing inside of it. I had it for about two years because my doctors thought it was a scist. I didn't have it removed because it only hurt when I accidently hit it against stuff(corner of tables).. After I had my suirgery the doctor sent me a letter saying there was a good chance because of the type of tumor it was it could come back. My leg was fine untill about 4 months ago when it started getting stiff and cracking. I have had 3 MRIs lately on my leg. On the latest one the doctor said there is something wrong with my bone. They are worried that some of the cells from my tumor somehow went into my bone(don't ask me how, I have no idea how it works). My mom is in her office right now talking to her friends getting ready to break down because I was hospitalized earlier this year for about 2 days(Posterior nosebleed). They just put me on the prayer list for church but if you could can you guys keep me in your thoughts as well? Hopefully it's not too bad though.

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Think so, they said if that's the case where it went into the bone I'd probably have to have chemotherapy.


The last time they removed the tumor it was malignant. They also removed a bunch of tissue from my leg just to be safe. On the last mri they said they didn't see any lesions but my bone marrow did come back abnormal so I don't know what's going on. They want me to get a catscan of my leg soon.

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Thanks everyone.


Went to the doctor today to get an X-Ray of my leg and have him look at it. He is sending me to a bone cancer specialist at UNM.. I got like 1,000,000 different things running through my mind right now.


They don't want me playing anymore basketball for awhile.

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