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2010 World Cup - USA.................


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On XM radio they said that the USA and Australia are the backup countries for the 2010 World Cup incase South Africa isn't ready or can't handle it... they said there is too much violence, horrible infrastructure, widespread AIDS, etc. and it's almost certain that one of the backup countries will end up hosting the World Cup instead, so it's highly likely the World Cup will be in America.

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Guest Juanky

I know Australia would be a nice place for the games, but.....


If FIFA wants to capitalize on all the good feeling this past cup has established in the United States, picking the US to host 2010 would be ideal. The US is still the market as far as targets are concerned, and whenever you have a chance to seal the deal on the country's interest you have to take it.

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This sounds to good to be true.



My understanding of this has been that there are no problems forseen for South Africa 2010.


The problems I have heard are for Brazil 2014 with the US making a big push for "Plan B". Apparently Brazil is ridiculously behind in their preparations for 2014.



But hopefully you are right about 2010. Theres no doubt in my mind that Im taking that month off and attending at least 5 matches.

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world cup NEEDS to be taken part in south america ... its just simply not fair. the last cup in a spanish speaking country was mexico 86 and thats north america. The last world cup in SOUTH America was in Argentina in 78


Good things happen when the world cup takes place in countries where they live for the sport

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