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Bullpen Problems, Maybe.

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Its been all along time if ever, that the Marlins had a standout bullpen. With 4 or five strikeout flamethrowers with a solid closer. With all the trades in last offseason, it seems we might just have that.


First Harvey Garcia from Boston.


Scouting Report: Garcia's fastball tops out around 96 mph, with excellent command . Very confident on the mound. He relies very heavily on his fastball, but he occasionally utilizes an average breaking ball and a unrefined changeup. -soxprospects.com


Jesus Delgado on the Marlins prospect watch in the USA Today article.


Right hander Jesus Delgado, 22, is one of the four prospects the Marlins aquired in the Josh Beckett deal. The 6-1 200-pound Delgado had Tommy John surgery in 2002 but is still a hard thrower, hitting 98 mph on the radar with his fastball. He has a good changeup. He is one of the mainstays in the bullpen for high-A Jupiter, striking out more than a batter an inning.


I've heard things about Travis Bowyer, can anyone find a good scouting report on him, but ive heard he throws upper 90's is ready for the majors and is the future closer.


Tankersley looks like a stud lefty.


I dont have much info on Scott Tyler, the RP that went along with Bowyer for Castillo.


Does anyone think Reynel Pinto will be a legit releiver in the Major leagues?


Is there any other big relief prospects in the system?

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Bowyer has sat out the entire season, to the best of my knowledge.


The last pitch he threw was in March.


Bowyer's performance in September with the Twins was fabulous, save his last appearance. If he comes back, he comes back big. From what I undwerstand the Marlins have shut him down for the year.

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Haha. What team in the history of baseball had "4 or five strikeout flamethrowers with a solid closer" in their bullpen?



Oh, so thers never been a bullpen with 4 guys who throw mid to upper nineties, comone.


Clevelands Carmona, Mota F. Cabrera, Betancourt, Davis, all upper 90s.

Minnesottas Crain Rincon Nathan Neshek

Milwaukee Kolb Turnbow Cordero Capellan when hes back.

Pittsburgh Gonzalez Torres Marte Capps


You probably thought i ment four or five flamethrowers not including a closer. Thats probably only existed a few times.

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if Pinto could only throw strikes....idk but on TV he looks like he is squinting....



and TAnk as a closer....maybe because he is so good against rightyies and lefties...but due to th efact that there are somany more right handed hitters i hesitate with lefty closers...i like him in the 8th more.......

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