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Layla El

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Tits √

Ass √

Face √

English √

Former Heat dancer √


Simply amazing. Awesome choice, WWE.




Oh yeah, one more picture.






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:thumbup I'm just being picky but...WWE didnt pick her...anyways, the afro doesnt bother me too much, she's definitely a special girl, with a lot of offer...she's definitely eccentric, unique, and loaded with energy...I'm not big on the whole Diva Search thing, but she'll do well for herself if she has her head on straight...the performance aspect of it all should come to her fairly easily...she earned her way to win that whole thing because I remember her being booed out of every building when she first started, just because her initial look seemed silly...but she proved herself every week and now she got to her goal...time to reach higher...

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yeah i do think they went by the fan vote...because if you watched the whole thing, you'll realize her fan popularity did rise weekly....I know WWE can choose whoever they want, and I can be just as skeptical of the WWE as anyone else...but I see no basis to immedietaly assume WWE simply "chose" her...just saying that I dont wanna point fingers without any evidence or support...but thats beside the point, she still won...


and as for her not being attractive, there are more beautiful girls everywhere, but if you watch her, thats beside the point because she's more character and energy than looks...I'd rather have a slightly above average looking girl with the energy that Layla has, as opposed to a Perfect 20 with the personality of a lima bean...

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You told me to check this thread, and I still dont think she is really attractive at all.


Espicially compared to most of the other divas and diva runner ups that have gotten jobs with WWE.


Every runner up was what the WWE already has -- attractive, yes but very common. Bleach blondes with nice bodies. Forgive me, but the WWE already has enough of those.


This girl wanted this, got it, and deserves it.

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