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Cameron Maybin in a bit of trouble


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19-year-old Cameron Maybin is accused of violating the Michigan's zero-tolerance alcohol law after being found with a a 0.04 blood-alcohol level following a minor traffic accident.


Police say the underage Maybin had alcohol in his system when the car he was driving hit a utility pole on July 13. Maybin will reportedly plead not guilty to the charge. He could be punished with up to a 90-day suspended license, community service and a $250 fine for the misdemeanor alcohol offense. The Tigers don't plan to discipline him over the incident.

Source: Grand Rapids Press


That really blows. 0.04; pretty tough break, albeit he's still underage.



Hopefully he gets this behind him and moves on.

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jeez, .04 is like a two drinks, max.


too bad, prob wont be too big of a deal though


really? my drivers ed teacher told me two drinks was like .01


no way, not unless your teacher is huge or he was talking over several hours.


the body can process 1 beer an hour. so after drinking a beer, your BAC will be 0 after an hour.


it all depends on size but if someone has two drinks in an hour their BAC will be somewhere between .02 and .05 ( if you're a lightweight :shifty )

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