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Just a weird thought I had some time back - if we are playing a game where both starting pitchers are lefties(ours and theirs), and as earlier in the season, this means that Treanor is catching, why not have Olivo start at first base? He's played the position a few innings at different spots during the season, and vs lefties I imagine he's better offensive option than Jacobs or Helms.

Although I do realize that sometimes in these situations what they want is to give Olivo a rest, I'm still only talking about the rare Lefty vs Lefty situation to start. You could always sub him out once the opposing starter has been pulled from the game.

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Maybe I was dreaming but didnt Jake hit a bomb off a leftie yesterday? Jake needs to be in there every game against lefties. How is he going to get better at hitting off them if he never faces them? Unless you only see Jacobs as a part time player against right handers.


Yeah he did and today he had the winning RBI on a lefty

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