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I'm so going to see this...


on dvd



It's probably going to be awful, but I like Office Space enough that I'll probably go and see this at the theatre. It's just a funny premise. The only thing I don't like is that Dax guy is in it, but he's playing an idiot, so I can deal.


I think it might have gotten moved back again, too.

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So i just watched two movies for the first time.. this being one.


I actually went in wanting this to be funny as I love Mike Judge, but didnt have high expectations. Was in middle school during the Beavis and Butthead age, which i mean come on, that show was amazing for that age group at the time. After that thankfully went away and i got older, king of the hill came around, which is just an amazing show. How that isn't put on the same level as simpsons and family guy is beyond me. And then office space.. which is just a classic.


I thought it was hilarious.


I never liked dax but lol, thats definitely his part. Bill Doutreve/Milton/Jimmy James.. that guy is a genius. Terry crews always makes me laugh for some reason... and Luke Wilson had the perfect "no, thats not what im saying" personaility for it. I really enjoyed the cast.. and i always liked Mya Rudolph.


I dunno.. its a clever idea, a rieally stupid plot.. but lol, i dont know. I really found it funny.

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I saw it over the weekend on DVD, not too bad. I would say that the only problem was the fact that the movie had trouble balancing its message with the comedy aspect.


I loved how Costco became essentially its own society.


Sadly, I can imagine a lot of those things happening in the future, particularly the popularity of the show "Kicked in the Balls" or something like that.

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