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The Facebook Has Finally Imploded


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For those one here who are Facebookers, you probably have seen the new changes with the mini feeds and what not. Now stalking people is easier than ever. Chaos has taken hold of the once simple and effective network for connecting college students.


That is why I come here today begging Admin to never change MB.com to something more wretched. Also, this has nothing to do with the Ineo feature, which is brilliant.


Anyone else having trouble understanding what the compelled Facebook to do this?

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Get over it. Only reason people use facebook is to pretend that they care about everyone who they friend....that, and it's a contest to see who gets the most friends.


That's not true. It's especially not true if you're like me and don't just friend/accept every douche.


Most people just try to add as many people as they can. Most of the time they say it's a good way of keeping in touch with those you lost touch with. You lost touch with those people because they aren't your friends. For that reason I would never join facebook and I'll just talk to my real friends.

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There are already 40,000 people in this group, join it:


Up to more than 650,000 now.


Oh, and this:



- Watch the CBS Evening News tonight (Thursday the 7th). We should be on. And we should be on the CBS Early Show. I was interviewed for the broadcast.

- Another fun note, media requests go to me directly. However, I am warning now that I will deny almost all media requests. Sorry.

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