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Ohhhhhh boy...


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Topic: in context of the no-hitter, who do you blame for the Marlins' low attendance? :plain


Plaschke: Stadium isn't covered, ownership keeps gutting the team, there's no continuity. DON'T BLAME THE FANS.

Mariotti: Stadium is terrible, needs to be downtown.

MacMullan: Beinfest is doing a great job putting these teams together when they trade everyone, once people see how the kids play, they should be coming.

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On PTI: "Does Florida deserve the Marlins?"

Kornheiser and Whitlock are slurping on Beinfest/baseball staff. Kornheiser's like, "Someone in this organization knows what they are doing as far as scouting players, making trades..." Whitlock says, "Can these guys come to Kansas City? I'm stuck with the Royals and Le Batard gets the Marlins, who do something incredible every season??"

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there was an article in the local paper making comments about how no one was in attendance to watch the no hitter


one of the first things my wife commented on when she saw the game last night was that no one was in the stadium


first thing I heard on ESPN radio this morning was cowherd discussing why there are no fans


the local radio guys were commenting on it as well


it's great that the marlins are getting more attention and I have heard a lot of positives - that is awesome - but with the attention skeletons will be revealed as well and face it - marlins attendance is terrible

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