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Manny asking for a trade again?


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anyway, his contract for those wondering:


Manny Ramirez of/DH

8 years/$168M (2001-08), plus 2009-10 club options


* signed as free agent 12/00

* $16M signing bonus paid over 5 years

* 01:$13M, 02:$15.5M, 03:$18M, 04:$20.5M, 05:$20M, 06:$19M, 07:$18M, 08:$20M, 09:$20M club option, 10:$20M club option

* $1M bonus if traded

* $31M deferred ($3M in 2001, $4M each 2002-08) (paid out in 16 annual installments of $1.94M, 2011-2026)

* $75,000 bonus for finishing 4th in 2005 AL MVP vote

* $75,000 All Star incentive

* MVP incentives

o $0.2M for 1st place in voting

o $0.125M for 2nd

o $0.1M for 3rd

o $75,000 for 4th

o $50,000 for 5th

* $0.15M for ALCS or World Series MVP

* receives no-trade clause if another Boston player receives one

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According to the Boston Globe's Gordon Edes, Manny Ramirez has again requested a trade away from the Red Sox.

And it's only worth one line in one Boston paper. Manager Terry Francona said Saturday that he was unaware of the request, which was reportedly made by agent Greg Genske on behalf of Ramirez. As many requests as they've ignored before, it seems obvious now that the Red Sox are only going to trade Ramirez if they think it makes sense for them. It's unclear whether Ramirez, who took batting practice on Thursday and Friday, will play again this year. Sep. 23 - 2:31 pm et

Source: Boston Globe

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He needs to stop crying and just play the game. I hope he gets drunk one offseason where he is a fa and accidentally signs a 7 years contract with the royals in which he can't request a trade.






So, anyway, Olney has some interesting thoughts:


End of Manny being Manny?

posted: Saturday, September 23, 2006 | Feedback | Print Entry


Manny Ramirez quit on the Red Sox, writes Gordon Edes, who says it's time for Boston to dump the left fielder.


If the Red Sox decided to trade Ramirez, this could be an optimal time, actually. There are many teams intent on adding a hitter this winter, from the Houston Astros to the Chicago Cubs to the San Diego Padres to the Baltimore Orioles to the Angels. There will be teams interested in making a deal for Ramirez.


But at some point, the Red Sox have to get comfortable with the notion that they'll probably only get something close to 40 cents on the dollar in value on Ramirez. Teams are going to tell the Red Sox: OK, we'll take Ramirez and the last two years of his contract, but you guys are going to have to eat at least half of the $38 million still owed to him, because, let's face it, he's not the most reliable guy ever. If he was, you guys wouldn't have looked to deal him two or three times before. And while we might give you guys a Grade B prospect for him, we're not going to give you any A-plus prospects for him.


In other words, the Red Sox are going to have to pay for the right to give him away. And that is going to be a very hard thing for Boston to swallow, considering how great of a player he is when he's actually on the field, how much protection he provides for David Ortiz.


Here's the question Theo Epstein is going to have to ask himself: Is Ramirez such a distraction, and a problem, that we need to dump him, no matter the cost? Edes, who knows the Red Sox clubhouse far better than I do, seems to think that is the case.


I don't know the answer. But you can assume that Theo will talk to Jason Varitek and Curt Schilling and Ortiz about that very subject as he looks for a solution. The word around baseball is that other Red Sox players are very unhappy with Manny being Manny these days.


Credit: Buster Olney




So my question, as a strict hypothetical:


Dontrelle Willis, Mike Jacobs for Manny Ramirez, Coco Crisp and an assload of cash?


Makes a lot of sense for both teams.


However, I'd have a hard time pulling the trigger.


Thoughts, passion?

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That crap Olney spews makes me sick. The 'reporters' always tee off on Manny because he doesn't talk to the media, and thus, they have no backlash. I don't think Manny being traded in the off-season has much to do with how he has been in the clubhouse, but more how it makes sense for the franchise to trade him now.


That would be a horrible trade for us.


I'm extremely wary of pitchers coming from the NL now, I think Willis would get ripped up in the AL East, plus I don't really like lefties in Fenway. Plus Jacobs wouldn't be an upgrade for us in any scenario with the possibility of getting Aramis Ramirez or Gary Sheffield (1B) in the off-season. Plus Crisp obviously never recovered from his injury this year, is having more surgery and Manny not being on the club means he can move to his natural position of left field. If we dealt him we have two huge holes in the outfield. With the $$$, it's a pretty awful trade.


I seriously think we could get Santana and Aybar from the Angels for Manny per Moreno's comments recently.

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