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Marlins players not told about Girardi's status

Strike 3

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Marlins Notebook, Miami Herald


Marlins players not told about Girardi's status



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left in dark


If today is Joe Girardi's last day as manager of the Marlins, nobody has told his players.


''We never hear anything,'' All-Star second baseman Dan Uggla said. ``We're playing [today] as if everything is normal. Nobody knows.''


Said pitcher Scott Olsen, who lost Saturday to the Phillies: ``I don't know the details of what has been going on, so I really have no idea. Whatever goes on with [team owner Jeffrey] Loria, or him and [general manager Admin] Beinfest, I don't know who [Girardi] is arguing with. I don't know what the deal is.''


Beinfest walked into Girardi's office about an hour before Saturday's game and appeared jovial. But Loria has not attended any games during his team's current homestand.


Uggla said Girardi's job status has not been a hot topic among players.


''It's probably been a little bit stranger for the public and the press because, honestly, whatever happens outside these doors, we obviously have no clue about,'' Uggla said.


Olsen said he would hate to see Girardi fired.


''I think he's been great,'' Olsen said. ``I have no complaints at all. He's helped me tremendously. If he's with us next year, I'll be real happy. And if he's not with us, I'll wish him the best and hope that he can help me sometime down the road.''




Miguel Cabrera was voted Most Valuable Player on the Marlins for the 2006 season by members of the South Florida chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.


Other team honors chosen by the local baseball writers' organization:


? Rookie of the Year: Shortstop Hanley Ramirez.


? Most Improved: Closer Joe Borowski.


? Charlie Hough ''Good Guy'': Starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis.




It's going to take some doing for Cabrera to win the NL batting title. With a .340 batting average, Cabrera trails Pittsburgh's Freddy Sanchez, who has a .343 average.


The race is so close that if Cabrera goes 2 for 4 today and Sanchez goes 0 for 3, Cabrera would win by percentage points.

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It's quite possible that the front office hasn't decided what it's going to do yet.




Or it is actually going to use some of that brainpower they have left and realize that Giradi may be a wanted Commodity who deserves compensation from whichever team gets him. I expect it to drag out.


Yeah, maybe they can drag it out long enough for other teams to entice our top managerial candidates leaving us stuck with some mope. If the Marlins are going to get rid of Girardi they need to settle this quickly and have a manager in line to take the job the same day.

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I could be 100% wrong, by the time this is posted he may have already been fired, but I believe there will be a cooling off period in which Girardi will be allowed (through his agent) to entertain offers of interest from other teams (he can't negotiate or interview without the Marlins permission) and everyone will sit down and find a remedy one way or the other.


Then life goes on.

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Interesting how much Olsen has stepped up as the leader lately.


Also, Uggla's lack of comment speaks as loudly as Olsen's ringing endorsement. Either way, this isn't going to end well.


Look how much damage (sic) Joey Pitbull did to Olsen, he'll never be able to pitch again without Girardi.

Yeah, I noticed that too. He seems to be one of Girardi's biggest supporters!

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