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Selig: St. Louis has good chance to host '09 ASG


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Selig says St. Louis has good chance to host 2009 All-Star game

October 17, 2006


ST. LOUIS (AP) -- The new Busch Stadium is the leading contender to host baseball's All-Star game in 2009.


Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, speaking during Game 5 of the NL championship series on Tuesday night, was asked about the likelihood of the All-Star game being played in St. Louis in three years.


"I'd say very, very good," Selig said. "I like their chances a lot."


The new Busch Stadium opened in April, across the street from the old Busch, which hosted the All-Star game in 1966.


The 2007 game is scheduled for July 10 in San Francisco and the 2008 event is likely to be played at New York's Yankee Stadium, which is slated to be in its final season.



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Yeah, St. Louis is a pretty neat place to visit. But damn hot in the dead of summer - not unlike Miami.


The arch is amazing - you can actually take an elevator to the top.


Like Miami, they drive pretty fast - the difference being that they drive Fords and Chevvys, whereas here we see Beamers & Porches.

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