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Cowboys new stadium

Das Texan

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Final Cost: $1 Billion

Amount Overbudget: $700 Million


That's right folks....over 233% overbudget...only in TEXAS!























Just kidding Das, it will be the right sucessor to Texas Stadium.




the cowboys are footing the overages so i really dont care how much it goes over anyway.


the public funds is set at 350 million.

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Not trying to start anything, I just really am not sure...I didnt think the Cowboys current stadium was that old?


it was built in the 60s and is one of the oldest in the league.


OWNED! :notworthy


Anyways one billion dollars is NUTS!!! Should be amazing for that money!


the interviews with jerry jones as he talks about the stadium are something else.

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Hey Das make sure you get opening night tickets when the stadium opens... If it costs that much to build imagine what they'll to reveal it opening night..



tickets are going to average nearly 100 bucks.



I'd rather watch on my big screen in HDTV.



But I'll definitely be there to check it out once it opens up, there will be way too much stuff to do there.

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