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It's my favorite epic ever (I forget who wrote it though...Chaucer?!)


Chaucer was a couple centuries after the fact. The author of Beowulf is unknown.

Ya I remember reading all these epics and poems in my junior or senior year of high school--get them out of order sometimes.

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hollywood is really running out of ideas. no wonder nobody is going to see the old tired remakes and overdone movies anymore. i would rather read the book again than see a movie of this.


read beowulf for two classes....confused me in 10th grade mostly becuase of the old english, but in my freshman year in college, it still was confusing, but i got it a bit better than i did before and understood the background. it's pretty intersting once you get it.


bad news marlinman, it's computer generated graphics for this movie.

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Don't get me wrong, Christopher Lambert did a good job with what he was given (low budget and all), but I'm absolutely pumped about this:




Star-studded cast, big budget, great director. It's my favorite epic ever (I forget who wrote it though...Chaucer?!)

Unknown author that was sung in bardic tales durring the 700 AD time period onwards.


I love the story as well.


13th warrior (eaters of the dead would be the literature title if I remember right) was done pretty well. One of my favorite movies ever.


Norse stuff always interested me as a history student.




on a side note, kewl to see Neil Gaiman is whom adapted the story from old english to the big screen.


It might be good then

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