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New Linkin Park Song


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A VERY stripped down sound which I don't really care for personally but Im sure many fans will welcome it.


In terms of the songwriting the chorus is relatively weak but the verses definitely grabbed my attention.


On a songwriting level, I dont know if they can ever top Meteora on a melodic level.


Personally I prefer Meteora's style because it blended Linkin Park with some Depeche Mode sprinkled in.


When is the new album due out?

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The New song is pretty cool... I like it...


I'll tell you one thing though, I was a huge fan and have seen them more than 5 times in concert. Hell, I saw them right when they came out with One Step Closer as they were starting to be a group.. for like 10 bucks


But with this new CD, they'll have to gain my likings again because of long ass break they took.. Im not as big of a fan as I was before..


Will see...


Don, the CD is due out sometime early 07' before March

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