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Robinson Cano Switches Number


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The following is from ESPN.com:


If Roger Clemens pitches in The Pinstripes again next season, the Yankees are ready for his return.


Second baseman Robinson Cano will give up his No. 22 if Clemens returns to the Bronx. Cano will switch to No. 24.


A team official told ESPN that Cano approached the team's equipment personnel and said he was aware that he was wearing Clemens' former number and hoped that the availability of the number would be a lure for Clemens to New York. Cano chose his new number because its digits reversed would be Jackie Robinson's old number.


Cano's uniform switch was first reported by The New York Post.


"I was happy to give up the number to a future Hall of Famer if Roger comes aboard," Cano said in a statement, according to The Post. "Hopefully, he will be one of my teammates, I'll have the pleasure of playing with him."


Clemens, who has pitched for Houston the past three seasons, wore No. 22 when he pitched for the Yankees from 1999-2003.


The Post reported that the number switch already might have been relayed to Clemens' representatives.


However, Randy Hendricks, Clemens' agent, told The Post in an e-mail that his client is in no hurry to pick a team.


"No decision will be made until well after spring training, perhaps until after the season starts," Hendricks wrote to The Post.


It looks like the Yankees are confident that the Rocket will return to the Yankees in 2007. Way to take one for the team Cano.

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Thats pretty cocky of the Yanks, I think Roger should just retire, look at the hype he causes having teams prepare "just incase."

Nah. If anything, it's almost a desperation move by the Yanks - trying to lure the Rocket with his old number.


Or... Cano is just a classy kid who really wants to play defense behind another future HOF pitcher. Maybe he's willing to see that the number on his back isn't as important as his desire to win...


I seriously like Robinson Cano more and more each year.

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