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Rob and Big


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I don't know if it was as hysterical to other people as it was to me, but the show had me rolling on the floor dieing from laughter at least once an episode.


My favorite part was when Meaty's trapdoor was stinking and Rob was like "Enough is enough Meaty. Its time to do work! We gotta hose this thing down." Then Big said, "Get up in there deep son"! That had to be the funniest 10 minutes of TV I have ever seen. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol


Did anyone else watch this?

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I don't watch much MTV at all anymore but I definitiely want to catch/TiVo this.


The preview they have run for it with the mini-horse looks friggin' hillarious.


the show is great imo, idk if season 2 can live up to the standards that season 1 set but we'll see...i hope Rob treats Drama (rob's cousin) like his little bitch again...so good :lol


Best part of season 1 was the scene i refered to (see my previous post) and then to finish that scene...Meaty was eating that rag that Rob used to clean his trapdoor...so Rob goes over and takes it out of Meaty's mouth and says to Meaty "This was deep inside your butt. That's gross." Then rob throws the rag and it hits Drama in the side of the face so dirty. You here the slap and everything. Complete ownage. :lol i was dying, and the funny thing is that drama does nothing to warrant that treatment


aforementioned rag



Gets thrown into this kid's face

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