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Devil Rays to drop the Devil next year


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As far as contraction goes, it's an easy way to not deal with the roots of the underlying problem in MLB. Teams shouldn't be contracted. There are alternative means to problem solving.

Yeah, it's called regular season parity.


Currently, there is none.


The rich stay rich and perpetually contend.


The poor occasionally get lucky, but for the most part, perpetually suck.


That's why from a fan and marketing standpoint, the NBA and NFL blow MLB out of the water.


The nba does not blow the mlb out of water. A few years ago the nets spurs final had about a 5.8 tv rating. They didnt do a very good job attracting viewers.


Not to jump into the ratings debate because I'm very bad with recalling numbers, but I think the World Series this year was not only a record low for the event, but also a record low for the "big 3" sports championship game in the last decade.

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I would hate to see any teams contracted. Let's see how this new ownership does with the Devil Rays. Look at the Buccaneers and Lightning attendance, before they were awesome. If they start winning, and are still having horrendous problems, then maybe it would be time to build a new stadium in Orlando maybe, but definitely not leave Central Florida.


Since I live in NO and I am used to living in a salary cap city (NFL and NBA), it's easy for me to say a salary cap would tremendously help baseball. Maybe that and more interleague play. Oh yeah, and maybe a new commish...

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Big Three sports meaning NBA, MLB, NFL?


NFL obviously kills everyone


2006 WS: 10.1 (down somewhere around 10%)



2006 NBA Finals: Average of 8.5 (Up 12%)




Definitely the lowest ever for Baseball, and should be cause for concern, but they are still ahead of the NBA

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