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Gaby Sanchez


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Gaby has been Jupiter since January 29 & his now in mini camp. Your going to see him a lot in ST games


here is something new that was posted in minor league baseball



Rabbit, rabbit!

I'm sorry, but regular ATM listeners will understand that I HAD to use that title for this post ... I do believe it refers back to my VERY FIRST ATM show.


Meanwhile, I'm sitting here trying to think warm thoughts, so what better way to do that than to present to you Jonathan's Five Faves for the Florida Marlins?


P Chris Volstad


P Gaby Hernandez


1B Gaby Sanchez


P Jose Garcia


And he's calling it a tossup for now (I'm sure he'll have it narrowed down by Friday morning, or maybe not) between Ps Sean West and Aaron Thompson for the fifth slot ... and given the depth of pitching in this system, I would have been equally hard-pressed to make the call myself.


On the American League side, I have the task of coming up with the Five Faves for the Kansas City Royals and here's my call:


3B Alex Gordon


P Luke Hochevar


OF Billy Butler


OF Chris Lubanski


P Tyler Lumsden


While the Royals picked up Lumsden last season from the White Sox in the deal for closer Mike McDougal, the other four are the club's last four No. 1 picks. I can't think offhand of another organization whose top four prospects are also their last four top draft picks ...


So now that February has arrived, we can now look at our desk calendars or wall calendars and see "pitchers and catchers report" without having to flip forward. I don't know about you, but that makes me very very very happy. And did I mention I was happy about that?


I still have to wait a month to flip the page and see my spring training travel dates appear in BIG RED LETTERS but hey, I can be patient. Especially since we have a full month's worth of ATM shows bringing in the farm directors to talk preview ...


Hope you all are enjoying this series as much as we are enjoying doing it!






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s posted in minor league baseball

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I heard he'll start in AA & get a call up mid year

Which means his growth accelerates huge and he's replacing Aaron Boone or Joe Borchard, and jumping Stokes in AAA. I find that highly doubtful.


He'll be split between A+/AA this year, and probably get to AAA sometime in 2008. He hit .182 (limited AB) in Jupiter last year, and really needs to spend some time there before going to Carolina. Marlins have absolutely no need to rush him and get his arbitration clock started.

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