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Facebook iLike Top 5


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For those of you with facebook, you've noticed they've added new applications, one of them being iLike. iLike is basically a music thing, that shows your top 5 songs on your facebook profile.


Here's my top 5:

Made You Look- Nas

Making It Rain- Fat Joe

Fresh Ashmizzoifhiaishan- Bow Wow

Walk it Out- Unk

Party Up- DMS


Anybody else use this? If so, what's you're top 5?

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Meh, I'm kind of sad that facebook is trying to turn into Myspace2.0 with all this crap cluttering the pages.


That said I do have one song on my page.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Some of it I don't mind, but they are going over the top with others.

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i don't think facebook is trying to turn into a myspace, i believe people are requesting and also using a lot of these add-ons to customize their page and have a little more to do than just write on people's walls. for me personally, as long as they keep the profiles clean as far as colors and codes go then i'm content.

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I remember the days when all you could do on facebook was fill out your hobbies, favorite music/movies whatever, and add friends. No wall, no photos, no news feed or iLike. It was pretty pointless. Now it's just ridiculous. Although now that I'm out of college I'm sure it will be pretty useful to keep in touch with people.

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