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Hanley Ramirez #3 most underrated player


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Stumbled across this article from about a week ago. Shines a bit more light on the Ramirez/Reyes comparison. Apologies if this had been posted.



No. 3 -- Hanley Ramirez

We liked playing that Player A versus Player B game so much, let's try it again.


Player A is a National League shortstop. He is averaging a .303 batting average, 129 runs scored, 76 extra-base hits and 52 stolen bases per 162 games in his career.


Player B is also an NL shortstop. He's averaging .288, 114 runs, 60 extra-base hits and 61 steals per 162 games.


Player A is 23. So is Player B. So which one would you start your team with?


If I didn't tell you the names, I'm betting you'd take Player A, right? But now let's reverse that. Let's say I had never shown you those numbers. And then I asked if you'd rather have Ramirez (aka Player A) or Jose Reyes (Player B). Then what? Admit it. You'd take Reyes. Heck, to be honest, I'd probably take Reyes myself. But does anybody who doesn't own a teal cap know Ramirez's numbers are actually better? Dubious. Which sums up his underratedness just about perfectly.




Here's the link to the full article: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/stor...&id=2882388

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Guest ShaqandWade323

I think a lot of people have known Youk since Moneyball and he's gotten a lot of coverage since he's been with the Sox.

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