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All Star Game Voting


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People, go to http://www.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2007/ballot_reg.jsp and vote for at least Migy, Hanley, Dan, and Hammer. They deserve to make it. If everyone on the board votes 25 times, they might make it, at least Migy.


hammer doesnt and he wont make it


miggy will make it no matter what we do


Yes he will. But it would be nice for Cabs to close the gap a bit with David Wright. I know he won't beat him.

Also, for those who are voting, you can vote more than 25 times; just clean your cookies off your computer.

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there was something about no mass voting on the back of the ballot ..not sure how they enforce that. I had an idea awhile ago about getting a hundred ballots, lining them up, and getting a long drill bit and drilling through the "Miguel Cabrera" hole on the ballots. It'd be a quick way to vote many times, as long as you don't mess up

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