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Now THIS is a stadium proposal.....

Das Texan

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Lambeau Field is a year round thing now.


- Stadium tours.


- The Atrium where 12 World Title Trophies (including the 3 super bowl trophies), 7 League MVP Trophies, 3 Super Bowl MVP Trophies, and Countless Division Championship and Team MVP Trophies are proudly displayed to the fans as they enter the Atrium. Weddings, Parties, Business Meetings are all great to be in the atrium.


- Restraunts open year round.


- Basically an entire shopping mall of nothing but Packers stuff.


- A Game Zone.


- And of course the main event, the actual football field and the Packers.



6 entities in one. Able to cram in 72-75 thousand in the actual bowl of the stadium and another 20-30 thousand in the Atrium and what not else.


About able to hold 100k sounds right.


Not to mention the tailgaters outside of Lambeau which is priceless!

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lambeau field can do their thing.



stadium tours are part of every stadium though....big deal.



same thing with resturants in most modern or refurbished stadiums.



lambeau is impressive, no doubt but the thing i am not sure about...for the atrium...do you have direct access to the field in terms of seating?


i have no idea what the setup is for that, which is why i ask.



oh and dont forget the hotel that cowboys park will have in it.

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We have access to the field via tour pretty much.


The only way we can get onto the field from the stands is doing a reverse "Lambeau Leap"


And well from the atrium it kind of is on the corner of the field but I've been there once or twice since it was completed and I believe you have direct access at one point from the atrium to the field.


Not sure though.


I guess I have a good excuse to go there in 3 weeks and find out against the Eagles then! :w00t :p

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This has been tried so many times before in proposals(being the key word).


Whatever happened to just concentrating on the most important part, The Field?


Putting up buildings around the stadium should be just a side note right now, their is no reason to worry about buildings that in all probability won't be built.


One thing I do like though is THe Hotel outside The Stadium. If it was inside, would cost to much for The Average family but if you would partner with a franchise that builds nice hotels(Marriott) and provide reasonable prices you make a hefty profit. Their's only one hotel outside of THe SPorts COmplex in Philly and it cleans up on weekends.

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I know it has Rune. And its not like Texas Stadium is decrept.



Jerry Jones wants to take the mystique of the Cowboys and broaden it in these various manners.



Knowing the passion for this team in and around Dallas, it probably all gets done. Whether that will require Jerry to fork over some of his own money, I am not sure.



But I wouldnt discount this thing being built and ground being broken within a year.

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Guest marlins02

i like Pro Player. i love going there for Dolphin games, its great. although im to young to remember them playing at the OB i do hear a lot of people say the atmosphere was better

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