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I REALLY like our chances...


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hey if theres one thing you shoudl learn is that never underestimate the opposition.


as much as i just hate to keep seeing the freakin yanks in the series u gotta give em props wut a game 7 huh? i hope we can win the series that way if things go our way.


id prefer we stay the underdog cause we seem to prevail more so if we are.


i love u fish win OR lose!! youve made us proud now go kick some skankee a$$ lol :cool

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hope you guys are right.


im praying for our guys. i think these marlins deserve the title more thna the yanks this year. they have so much more heart and it wasnt bought with a high payroll.


i will be praying for them and i hope everyone here does too.


heres to one more celebration this post season for our fish! :cheers

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